Recycling CDs

Amazingly my husband, who holds on to everything, recently said that I could dispose of all his music CDs as he never uses them, having gone completely digital. I was eager to free up some shelves in the family room but had to decide how to get them out of the house in the greenest way possible. I did consider Ebay but, having put a Watch on similar CDs, I could see that they weren’t selling. I do still use Ebay from time to time but mainly for collectables (like Pokémon cards or Gogos).  I find that by the time you have paid the various fees and paid for postage and packing, you make very little. I therefore decided to try another online selling company. (see my previous two posts on Recycling PC Games). This time I went for ‘WeBuyBooks’ – – who also take CDs, DVDs and Games. I checked for reviews online and they seemed generally good. Also, they will pay you through Paypal whereas for Momox I had to give my bank account details which I am not keen on.


How does it work?

The process is exactly the same as for Momox in my previous article. You enter the barcode for your item and you get a price. You can then decide whether to accept their ‘offer’ or not. As well as 34 CDs (about half our collection) I also added 2 books on technical subjects that I am never going to use again. The lowest price I got was 5p and the highest was £3.00 for a boxed set of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Altogether the offer was for £23.54 for 36 items.   I could not have physically included any more items in the box I had, not only because of space but also weight.

How do you send the parcel?

Again, as with Momox, you print off your postage label and take your parcel to a Hermes collection point. There are quite a few around, often at newsagents. I sent my parcel on 30th June and got an email from WeBuyBooks on 6th July to say they had received it. So it was a lot quicker than getting to Momox in Leipzig!


I am pleased to say that all my items were accepted and I received the full £23.54 from my offer. I left the money in my Paypal account as I will use it for buying other stuff online. Transferring to my bank account would incur a small charge which I was happy to avoid. As with Momox, selling online was quite a lot of work for not that much money and would not have been worth it if I had had to buy the box to pack the items in. However, overall it was a good experience using WeBuyBooks and I would definitely use them again.


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Recycling games dvds – follow-up

In my last blog I talked about sending off my son’s PC Games to Momox (based in Leipzig). Momox is one of several website companies that offer cash for dvds etc. I was a bit wary but wanted to give it a try.

I packed up the games and stuck on the postage label that you get from Momox. I chose to  use Hermes as my carrier – it’s free and you can drop off at any Hermes collection point, usually a local newsagents.   When I hadn’t heard anything from Momox after 10 days, I was concerned that the games had gone astray.  As the parcel was going to Germany, it wasn’t possible  to track it  via the Hermes online system.  In the end, I contacted Momox by email and they told me that it can take up to 3 weeks for parcels to arrive.  They did reply promptly and in English so their customer support seems very efficient.

Sending off PC Games to a reselleer

Recycling PC Games

Finally, after 2 and half weeks, I got an email to say that they had received my parcel. 4 items were rejected. You have a choice as to whether to have them sent back for £12 or let them go for recycling.   One game I wasn’t surprised about as I had noticed while packing it that that part of the cover was missing but the others had all seemed to be in good condition.  And I had checked them, both when I originally checked their offer price and when packing.  The original price for all items would have been £26.16.  Once the 4 had been rejected, the total I received was £14.31.  Luckily I already had the box and bubble wrap from Amazon deliveries but if I had had to pay for a box etc, then frankly it would not have been worthwhile doing.  Oh, and I didn’t have the 4 rejects sent back!

So, I feel good that I have recycled the games rather than adding to landfill but I am not sure that I would use Momox again. Next week I will be reporting on a different company as my husband has said that I can dispose of all his CDs!.


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Recycling (or not!) PC Games

My 19 year old son had a massive clearout recently. Among other things, he decided that he no longer wanted any of his PC games.  Some of them, like World of Warcraft, you cannot resell according to their terms and conditions but there were others that were reusable.

We usually trade in games at Game but I knew they did not take PC games. I gave up on Ebay a few years ago when it became more of a professional sellers platform.  I am going to try it again for my daughter’s DS games but I usually find that, by the time I have bought a jiffy bag and gone to the post office, it really isn’t worth the £1.99 or whatever that I have got for the item, even if the postage is just about covered.

Our local authority do not offer Cd/DVD recycling so that was out. No problem, I thought, I will send them off to that recycling place I sent the last lot.  It was great.  You filled in a form online, chose one of their couriers to come and pick up your box of unwanted Cds and DVDs for a small payment and that was that.  Cds gone and no landfill used!   Off I went to good old Google but I could not find any companies recycling Cds.  I found one or two that dealt only with companies or public authorities but not one that dealt with individual members of the public.  I came across several articles on recycling CDs that were published 5 or 6 years ago.  They had links to recycling companies but none of the links worked.  In desperation I finally searched for the companies themselves and found that they had all been dissolved several years ago.  Hmm.


Where to recycle PC Games?

When I had googled CD recycling , several trade-in sites had come up, including  Zapper and Momox.  They are both companies that offer you money for your stuff – books, CDs, DVDs etc  as long as you have at least £10 worth.  The way it works is that you type or scan in the item’s barcode and they tell how much they will give you for it.  And you keep adding items at least until you reach the minimum of £10. A lot of reviews say that once they get your stuff, the amount you get goes down considerably as they claim they are not in good condition and this has always put me off using them.  However as I could not find another option and as part of my ongoing research into ways of responsibly decluttering, I decided to give one of them a go as an experiment.  I decided to start with Zapper as years ago one of the founders used to work with my husband.  After I had typed in several barcodes, I gave up, as they did not want any of them!  I then tried  the Momox site and they took 16 of the 20 odd games I had.

Once you have agreed to do the trade, you register with the site, pack up your items and print out a courier label. I chose Hermes as they seemed to have more collection points (usually newsagents) near me.  I took the parcel in on 11th May and Momox haven’t received it yet.  They are in Leipzig so I guess it may take a few days.   I will post an update when the games have been received and processed.

What did I do with the approximately 8 games I had left?   I took out any paper such as the cover and the instructions and then binned the rest, hating the fact that I had to do it.  At least now my son buys PC games online so he can just delete any he no longer wants.

If anyone has found anywhere to recycle CDs etc in the last 6 months, let me know. It does seem wrong that we are producing things that are going to cause problems for generations to come.


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