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Putting off until tomorrow what you should do today

Do the worst thing first or how I stopped procrastinating

  We all have those items on our to do list that remain determinedly undone.  Day after day you think ‘ I really must do x or y’ and yet by bedtime you haven’t managed to do them.  Often this … Continue reading

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Be nice to your future self….

Musing today on what to write about for today’s blog article, I realised that my theme today seemed to have been making myself do things in order to make the next few days less stressed.  On Saturday, I plan to … Continue reading

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What is it about procrastination?

What is it about ‘doing’ that lots of us find so hard?  For at least a month, I have been meaning to….  1.         Book my daughter’s birthday party (it’s in January but it is better to book early and I … Continue reading

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