How to declutter

How to declutter

Whenever I start to declutter, be it the garage (aaaggh!) or a kitchen drawer, these are the basic steps I follow.  You will find much the same steps in any decluttering guide but they are worth going through again.

1.            Get your equipment

Decluttering equipment?  Isn’t that more clutter?  Hopefully not – just use whatever you have to hand.  You need either a bag or box for each of the following:

  •             rubbish
  •            recycling/giving away   
  •            stuff that belongs elsewhere

2.            Decide how much time to spend

Only take on what you can do in the time available; if you only have 15 minutes,  do something small; if you have a day, think about doing something larger but do it in sections; you do NOT want to have yet more stuff lying about than before you started.    For example, I really need to declutter our loft, but I will do one box at a time rather than taking everything down, running out of time and then having to either put everything back or live in a mess until I can get back to it

3.            What to keep/throw away/give away

William Morris is usually quoted, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” and it’s a great maxim to keep in mind.  

 We will cover all these categories in more detail in a later blog article but essentially:

  •               throw away broken stuff and any obvious rubbish
  •               keep anything you love or use
  •                give away (or recycle) anything that you  neither  love nor use

4.            Finishing your declutter session

When you have finished, whether you have taken 15 minutes or a whole day, you must leave time to clear up so that you don’t leave an unfinished task to be completed (mental clutter) or mess (physical clutter).  So that means:

  •           throwing away the rubbish
  •           putting back the things you want to keep
  •           packing up your give-away items to take to the charity shop or elsewhere

And, not necessarily on the same day but as soon as possible:

  •            take your give-away items to the charity shop/Freecycle them/sell them

And that’s it.  Happy decluttering!  We would love to hear from anyone out there who wants to declutter or has already started.  Sally & Jane

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