Decluttering the family room – part 2

Having made such good progress a week ago, I decided to carry on decluttering and organising the family room last weekend as well.  Her e is what it used to look like,.; will post an ‘after’ photo when it’s finished…

Family room - books, books, books


I cleared the books away from a patch of floor in order to make room for the other tall bookcase and got my son to help me move it from the utility room.  At last I can open my washing machine door fully and the utility room seems much bigger (even though it is really small…). I gave the bookcase a good dusting and decided that was enough for the time being.

 But with the bookcase in place and clean, during this week,  I have been able to use those odd 10 minutes that you get when it’s not worth starting anything else – such as just before the school run (yes, it can happen once you’re organised!) – to go through a pile of books and either declutter them into a plastic bag that I will take to the charity shop when it’s full or put them on the shelf.  I am putting the books in categories as I go.  It means I can take a long hard look at, for example, all my cookery books together and ask myself if I really need every single one.  I will be doing a whole article on decluttering books as it is really hard at first if you really love books. 

 So far, using the little and often method, I have emptied 2 large storage boxes out of the 4 I had left and am on my second plastic bag for the charity shop.  And, wonder of wonders, I am starting to see the floor!

 Meanwhile, back in the utility room, I have to find new homes for (i) my plastic bag collection (I cannot bring myself to throw away plastic carrier bags) which I do use but which seems to have grown again recently, (ii) a lever arch file with instructions for items we used to keep in the garage, iii) reusable supermarket bags and (iv) a small painting.  I have managed to find a spot for the reusable bags by reducing the space they take up – rolling them rather than stuffing them all in one of the bags – and am going to put the lever arch file with the other instruction files I have.  I am hoping that my husband will hang up the painting in the loo in the next few days which just leaves the plastic carrier bag collection.  Maybe the cupboard under the stairs which tends to absorb a lot of ‘can’t think of anywhere else to put it’ items will do for a temporary home.  Meanwhile, note to self, remember to take reusable shopping bags to reduce the number of bags coming into the house in the first place!!!

 With another few 10 minute bursts, I am certain I will have the family and utility rooms looking much clearer, ready for our Halloween party on Saturday!

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