Getting organised for Christmas – part 3

Ok, what to get done this week for Christmas?

1.        Christmas Shopping Day

 Now that you have all your present lists and ideas for what to buy (or when you have!), decide on a Christmas Shopping Day – ideally without the children and preferably with someone else as it’s usually more fun.

 I always try and have a shopping day before the end of November as by December the shops are getting really crowded, and usually try and go with my Mum and sister during the week.  If you go at a weekend, start early to get ahead of the crowds.

 2.         Online ordering

 If you are going to shop online, start as soon as possible as popular items do sell out quicker than you think (was I the only one desperately trying to find a pink Nintendo DS a few years ago, having assumed there would be plenty for all).  Make a note of what you have ordered, including where from, order no, and cost.  Use our handy downloadable  form (Word doc) to keep track of them all.


 3.         Where are you spending Christmas?

 Finalise where you are spending Christmas, home or away.  If you are going to be at home, start thinking about cooking for your family and any guests; also any extra bedding or anything else needed.  It’s also a good time to start using up anything in your freezer to make way for all those cook-ahead meals you are going to make (or ice-cream).

 4.         Last ordering dates for turkey

 It still seems weeks away but you need to order your turkey at the supermarket or butcher, usually by the first or second week in December.  So it’s worth checking the next time you visit to see what the deadline is.

 5.         Pudding, pies and cake

 If you make your own Christmas pudding and cake, check what ingredients you will need; remember you will need to feed them if you make them 1 or 2 months ahead.   I have never done this I have to admit.  But I don’t like Christmas cake although I do love Christmas pudding.  However, I do tend to make it only a few days in advance.  Whenever you make it, it is probably worth starting to buy the ingredients now.  And don’t forget jar(s) of mincemeat for all those lovely mince pies…

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