What is it about procrastination?

What is it about ‘doing’ that lots of us find so hard?  For at least a month, I have been meaning to….

 1.         Book my daughter’s birthday party (it’s in January but it is better to book early and I like to get the invitations out before the end of term)

2.         Make dentist appointments for both children

 3.         Sort out a recurring payment for an online game (for my son, not me!) on my credit card that should have been cancelled

 4.         Get a carpenter to do a small job for us

 Every time I think about these things, I think of a really good reason why I can’t act on them NOW.  You know  – it’s the wrong time of day, I haven’t got my diary, they’re bound to be out, it’ll be difficult, it will take ages, I ought to be doing something else, I’m tired etc etc.  Of course, these are EXCUSES, not reasons.  And they are always mental clutter at the back of my brain.

 So, I have set myself the task this week of doing all the ‘to do’s’ that I have been putting off.   When I got home from work this afternoon, I started with no. 3.  Got through easily but then their server went down so they couldn’t find my son’s account and was asked to phone back in 10 minutes.  ‘I knew it’, said my procrastinating side, ‘probably not even worth phoning back…’; so I left it 20 minutes, phoned up, got through to a very helpful person and the payment is now cancelled – why didn’t I do it earlier!!!

 Cheered by my success, I then booked my car in for a service; had to wait on hold for several minutes but again finally got through to another helpful person who booked it all in for me.  And the service was only just due so that was a task that had not even got on to a ‘to do’ list.

 So, I went mad and phoned my daughter’s chosen party venue as well.  Got all the info and was tempted to say I would call back but forced myself to ‘do’ and so booked the party there and then including paying the deposit – ooer! 

So that leaves items 2 and 4 which I am going to try and sort tomorrow.   All those to do items in our heads just end up as mental clutter and mean there is always a kind of background panic going on when you just want to get on with enjoying the here and now.  From now on, I am going to try and ‘do’ 2 or 3 items on my day off each week, instead of just ignoring them or putting them off.

If you have any procrastination stories,  please leave a comment!


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