Getting organised for Christmas – part 4

 The excitement is building in our household with school Christmas productions looming and the realisation that December and Christmas will soon be here…

I am still behind where I want to be but catching up fast.  The shopping day with my sis and Mum is booked, I am gradually getting present ideas together, have even bought three or four, online and in the high street.  I haven’t wrapped any yet but am working up to it.  Have also got good stocking  filler ideas for the children but still need to buy them. 

Getting organised for Christmas

This week, I am going to try and do the following

1.         Buy Advent Calendars

1st December is only 10 days away (Thursday week) so you need to buy these before they sell out.  I am always hoping to get a bargain on these as I have to buy two.  But I haven’t seen any this year so far.  So may just give in and buy them in my lunch hour tomorrow from M&S.

2.         Clear the freezer

To fit in all the extra food for the Christmas hols, it is a good idea to clear the freezer.  I have been meaning to do this for weeks as my freezer really needs defrosting.  The frost is getting thicker and thicker and I don’t want my freezer to burn out before Christmas (though it would save me defrosting it – ho,ho).  So I have decided to have a ‘use it up’ week which will save money as well as clear the freezer.  So, for example, I will heat up two leftover casseroles and then give the family the choice of which one they want – always fun, particularly if they are very different.  Then there’s the frozen summer fruits, bananas (for all those smoothies I was going to whip up) which can be used in a crumble and cake respectively.  Not sure what else is in there but it will get used in the next week or so!

3.         Present ideas

I mentioned this one in an earlier post, but now is the time to start chasing parents for those present ideas for their children and adding them to your present list.   Feel free to download our Present List here:


4.         Make room for guests

 If you are planning to have people to stay over Christmas, start preparing now.  Start tidying up and cleaning the spare room (one step at a time rather than exhausting yourself in an all out blitz); if they will be using a child’s bedroom, start making space in there by decluttering and tidying up.  It is always worth starting much earlier than you think so that you don’t end up in a cleaning panic.

 5.         De-stress!

 Being Mums, we sometimes don’t know when to stop and take some time out just to relax.  There just seems so much to do all the time.  I have decided that I have to take some time to myself, even if it’s just half an hour, or I am going to fall over with exhaustion or be irritable.  So lose the guilt and relax this week!  Even if it’s only for 30 minutes…

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