Get organised for Christmas – part 5

 More ideas to give you a stress free holiday…

 1.         Cook ahead

 If you have managed to make room in your freezer (and I just about nearly have), then it’s a good idea to start making casseroles and Bolognese sauce and the like to put in the freezer for easy holiday meals.  One good way to make it all seem a bit easier is to double up on whatever you are cooking anyway for the next few weeks.  Eat one lot and freeze the other.  I love it when I can pull a meal out the freezer and then just have to add starch of some kind and veg.

 2.         Go Crackers!!

 Well, you might be feeling as if you will, any minute now, at this point but it is probably time to check out the crackers and buy however many you need before the shops run out of the particular set you had your eye on a few weeks ago and didn’t buy (done that, why didn’t I just buy them?!!!) 

3.         Christmas cards

 Print out your labels or get your list and start writing those cards and ticking off your list as you go.  I like printing out labels as you can see visible progress as you work your way through and the labels get  less and less. 

4.         Christmas decorations and lights

Think back to last year – did you think that you needed some more or different tree decorations?  What about the Christmas tree lights – do they still work?  Now is the time to start buying what you need.

5.         That’s Entertainment

 If you want to go to the panto or anything else theatrical this Christmas, make a note to buy the tickets very soon before all the good seats go.

 And for cheaper entertainment, what about favourite Christmas films on DVD.  I tried searching  for ‘Christmas films’ on Amazon and there were loads, most under £10 and some much less than that.

 6.         Don’t forget!!!

 Advent Calendars – 1st December is Thursday this week so buy them now!

 Last posting dates to faraway places are coming up really quickly, most of them next week; even Western Europe is 12th December – yikes!.  The Royal Mail has a whole page devoted to last posting dates  

 More Christmas prep ideas next week!

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