Getting organised: for Christmas – clear your freezer

Start clearing your freezer for the Christmas food onslaught!  That is what I have been doing today.  And great fun it has been too.

Mince pies projected onto the National Maritime Museum

Clear your freezer for mince pies!

My daughter has been ill with a flu-like virus all last week, and I now have it as well.  One of the symptoms is that you feel completely exhausted.  I couldn’t even raise the energy to put in my usual internet shopping order on Thursday, let alone go shoppng myself.  And my husband is away looking after his parents this weekend so could not help out.  There was not much in the fridge for dinner so I started looking through the freezer this morning and found homemade tomato soup, 3 chicken drumsticks and a couple of chicken breasts.

I had the tomato soup for lunch with cheese and bread – yum.  For dinner,  I marinaded the chicken pieces for about 5 minutes in my favourite soy mixture that I got from Good Food magazine.  I also cut up some unused baking potatoes that were left over from Halloween and made what the kids call ‘Mummy chips’ – ie quartered potatoes, covered in olive oil, salt and pepper.  I put chicken pieces and potatoes into the oven for about 40 mins, adding some bacon rashers about half way through.  Served with carrots, peas and curly kale, it made a really tasty and filling meal.   And now there’s a bit more room in my freezer.

So, start looking through your freezer to see what you can use up.  With any luck, you can reduce your grocery bills for a few weeks while also making room for Christmas meals and goodies.

Happy freezer emptying!

PS Apologies for the lack of articles – there’s been a lot going on with our extended family but hopefully calming down now!

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