Get decluttering: The loft – part 2

I went up for my second loft quick declutter today. (Or loft fishing as I like to call it).

Remember it is a game so it is not meant to be ordeal by dusty boxes and dead wasps (although I did find one or two today).

I like to go up without a plan and today decided to open a blue plastic storage box right by the top of the loft ladder that I have noticed every time I go up there but could not remember what was in it.

Bravely, I lifted the lid to find….. children’s books!  They were my son’s that he had grown out of but that I thought my daughter would like to read when she got older which is about now!  In fact, she has just started reading ‘The Edge Chronicles’ and there were at least 6 in the same series up there.   Neither child wanted the Charlie Bone series that were also there so they went in the charity bag.  That left 2 Artemis Fowl books which are a bit old for my daughter but I will put them in the family bookcase rather than the loft.

This means that I now have an empty box in the loft which is great.  I will go through a cardboard box next and hopefully will be able to move anything to keep into the plastic box and recycle the cardboard one. Less clutter, more floor space.  Hurrah!

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