Back to school – 4 ways to get ahead

So, here is a quick list of things to think about:

1.            Uniform/sports kit – wash it

I got round to washing uniform and sports kit yesterday which felt a bit odd as it was so near Christmas but now it is done.  Hurrah.

2.            Uniform/sports kit – does it fit?

My daughter has had a real growth spurt over the last year, I have had to replace virtually her whole wardrobe every 3 or 4 months which is a bit disheartening.  But, much as I would like to avoid any post-Christmas spending (!), I will be making her try on shoes and trainers tomorrow as well as checking whether her uniform still fits.  That gives us a week then to buy new ones as required.

And if you have a child in years 12 or 13, you probably need to get their suit dry-cleaned (and buy yet another replacement pair of trousers – aaaggh!  He played basketball at lunchtime in his suit…

3.            Day chart

I did put together a daily chart for ‘everything that we need to remember for school’ for each day but it didn’t really work as I made it too complicated.  So, before my children go back this term, I am going to create a much simpler chart and USE IT!   I do write everything in our house diary so mostly we did remember most things but I think any help in avoiding that dash back to school with PE Kit is worth doing.

4.            Homework/revision

They may not have mentioned it but it is worth checking with your children (and, depending on their age, going through their bookbag to check) whether they had any homework set for the holidays.  My daughter missed a few days of school in the last 2 weeks of term and she has to complete a comprehension that she missed out on. I know she has forgotten about it so am going to pick my moment to ensure it is done before she returns to school.

Older children may have mocks or other exams in January so a bit of revision may be needed.  Good luck with that one!

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