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Amazingly my husband, who holds on to everything, recently said that I could dispose of all his music CDs as he never uses them, having gone completely digital. I was eager to free up some shelves in the family room but had to decide how to get them out of the house in the greenest way possible. I did consider Ebay but, having put a Watch on similar CDs, I could see that they weren’t selling. I do still use Ebay from time to time but mainly for collectables (like Pokémon cards or Gogos).  I find that by the time you have paid the various fees and paid for postage and packing, you make very little. I therefore decided to try another online selling company. (see my previous two posts on Recycling PC Games). This time I went for ‘WeBuyBooks’ – – who also take CDs, DVDs and Games. I checked for reviews online and they seemed generally good. Also, they will pay you through Paypal whereas for Momox I had to give my bank account details which I am not keen on.


How does it work?

The process is exactly the same as for Momox in my previous article. You enter the barcode for your item and you get a price. You can then decide whether to accept their ‘offer’ or not. As well as 34 CDs (about half our collection) I also added 2 books on technical subjects that I am never going to use again. The lowest price I got was 5p and the highest was £3.00 for a boxed set of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Altogether the offer was for £23.54 for 36 items.   I could not have physically included any more items in the box I had, not only because of space but also weight.

How do you send the parcel?

Again, as with Momox, you print off your postage label and take your parcel to a Hermes collection point. There are quite a few around, often at newsagents. I sent my parcel on 30th June and got an email from WeBuyBooks on 6th July to say they had received it. So it was a lot quicker than getting to Momox in Leipzig!


I am pleased to say that all my items were accepted and I received the full £23.54 from my offer. I left the money in my Paypal account as I will use it for buying other stuff online. Transferring to my bank account would incur a small charge which I was happy to avoid. As with Momox, selling online was quite a lot of work for not that much money and would not have been worth it if I had had to buy the box to pack the items in. However, overall it was a good experience using WeBuyBooks and I would definitely use them again.


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