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Do the worst thing first or how I stopped procrastinating

  We all have those items on our to do list that remain determinedly undone.  Day after day you think ‘ I really must do x or y’ and yet by bedtime you haven’t managed to do them.  Often this … Continue reading

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6 ways to get rid of your clutter without throwing it away….

It’s Spring Clearing week so here are 6 ways of getting rid of the stuff you have cleared without adding them to landfill. Car boot sale – there is more about car boot sales in an earlier post but in … Continue reading

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What’s stopping you decluttering?

You know you want your house to be a clutter-free zone where you can find everything without stuff falling on top of you, where you can walk from room-to-room freely, where an unexpected guest doesn’t cause total panic and where … Continue reading

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