If only

(Or  – it really is up to you!)

Are you fantasising daily about what life would be like if only?  If only my partner would help with the housework or make the dinner, if only the kids would pick up after themselves, if only my life was completely different and wonderful…

I used to live in a very pretty little fantasy house where all was calm and orderly and beautiful.   I spent many happy hours there arranging the living room to just the way I liked it: lovely wooden floors in the living room with comfy sofas and a gorgeous rug.  Just a little house but all mine and always tidy and clutter free.  Magical!

It was a refuge from the seething resentment I felt at apparently being the only one in my household who attempted to tidy up all the while coping with a full-time job and doing the cooking, helping with homework and trying to find time to be with my daughter.

One day, I was standing at the sink washing up feeling angry and resentful and just about to head back into my wonderful fantasy home when this conversation started up in my head:  

Who is tidying up in your fantasy home?

Ah.  Well, that would be me.  

Who wants a lovely, clear, clutter-free home really badly?

That would be me again.

Well how about you make your fantasy home come true right here in your real home starting now?

But my husband and daughter won’t help me.

Who wants this?


So start.

And so I did.

And do you know what?  Taking responsibility for what I wanted and taking action to declutter my home and keep it (reasonably) clean and tidy made me feel so much better!  My family is happier too and the best bit is they have even started helping! 

So stop fantasising right now, put yourself in charge of your life and start discovering the real magic of making your dreams come true.

And if you need inspiration as to how to start decluttering, just take a look at our blogs on this site.  We’ll be adding more and more so come back and visit us often!

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