10 Things to declutter NOW

Want to start decluttering but feel overwhelmed? 

Take the Love 2 Declutter challenge and find 10 items to declutter in 10 minutes.  

Try these if you are short on inspiration!!!

1.  Something broken that you haven’t got round to repairing (and probably never will!)

2.  An item of clothing you don’t like for any reason –  admit it, you are never going to wear it and it’s just taking up room in your wardrobe.

3.  An item of clothing that doesn’t fit – by the time you lose the weight, it will be out of fashion or eaten by moths; give it to someone else

4. Any junk mail – don’t forget to tear up your name and address details first and then put it in the recycling.

5. Food past its sell-by date –  look in the fridge and your food cupboards – any mouldy food or anything way past its sell date – into the food recycling bin if appropriate or straight into the bin

6.  Makeup that you don’t use or don’t like or that’s been open for several years!

7.  A child’s toy that they’ve grown out of or never play with.

8.  The last novel you read – you aren’t going to read it again, there are loads more books to enjoy

9.  Any pens that no longer work – get the kids to have fun trying them all out on pieces of scrap paper

10. A DVD that you will never watch again….

…… The 10 minutes are up.  How did you do???

Remember you have to get the clutter OUT of the house as soon as you can. 

Take anything in good condition to the charity shop, recycle paper and food where you can, and bin the rest.  Your home will love you for it!

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