Christmas is coming….

Ok – so only 7 weeks to go now ….

Here are this week’s suggested tasks to help you get organised for Christmas..; I must admit I haven’t done all of last week’s yet but I’m getting there and determined to have completed all 10 tasks by this weekend.  Despite sick children, work deadlines etc etc

1.         Present List

Make a list of everyone you are going to buy presents for, adults and children including friends, family, anyone who helps your life run smoothly

 2.         Budget

Set a budget for each person, so you might decide to spend £10 on small children, a bit more on teenagers and more again on the adults.  Add up how much your spend will come to and adjust until it seems like a reasonable amount.   Remember, you also have to include the cost of wrapping paper, Christmas cards, stamps and food in your total spend.  And you want to avoid big bills in January..

 3.  Christmas card list

Pull out last year’s Christmas card list or put one together.  Work out how many cards you need to buy and put it on your shopping list.  Buy stamps as well.  Christmas stamps go on sale on 8th November 2011   Start writing them in small batches, during the TV adverts for example.  Tick off as you go, put the stamps on and put aside until a few weeks before Christmas.     

 4. Last posting dates

 If you send cards abroad, remember to check last posting dates at the Post Office or on the Royal Mail website.

 5.  Present ideas

 Start contacting parents of children on your list to get present suggestions.  Decide what you are going to buy and put it on your present list (see 1 above.)

If anyone has any great Christmas organising tips, let us know.

Happy organising.

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