Getting organised for Christmas – 6

1.  Start wrapping Christmas presents…

Try wrapping a few presents when you can, maybe one or two every other night, depending on how many you need to wrap.   It is sooooo much better than staying up really late on Christmas Eve surrounded by wrapping paper, sellotape, scissors, ribbon etc. And you will have time to top up on wrapping supplies if needed.

 2. Check your stocking fillers

 When I have bought a few stocking fillers, I start putting them into a separate bag for each child and every so often I check to make sure that I have got approximately the same for each child.  I have a teenage son and an 8 year old daughter and this year is proving really tricky but I am getting there. The 8 year old is a lot easier to buy for though!

 In order to keep clutter at bay, I am trying to buy them filler presents that will be used – bubble bath, shower gel, keyrings, pens – rather than plastic ‘use once and then forget about’ toys.   And, of course, don’t forget the chocolate coins!

 3.  Cook ahead – mince pies

 Last week, I mentioned batch cooking casseroles and Bolognese.  You can also cook mince pies several weeks ahead and freeze them.  If you are making Christmas lunch, it’s great to have one less cooking project to worry about.  The BBC Good Food site has several mince pie recipes as does Delia Online.

 4.  Turkey roasting tin

 If you are cooking Christmas lunch, you need to make sure you have a tin big enough to take the turkey.   You can usually find them in larger supermarkets.  You will also need the wider size aluminium foil. 

5.  Christmas Cheer

 Try adding some extra wine and beer to your weekly shop for the next few weeks to spread the cost of Christmas drinking.  There are some good offers online at the moment. A few finish by midnight on Tuesday 6th December but the instore offers should still be going strong.  Add in some nibbles and Christmas treats as well, as long as you have somewhere to hide them!

 6.  Reminders

Last posting dates

Last posting dates for sending Christmas cards abroad are all on the Royal Mail website; in the UK it is Saturday 17th December for 2nd class and Tuesday 20th December for first class.

So keep writing a few cards at a time..

Keep decluttering…

Even if it’s only a few minutes at a time – it all helps! 

See you on Thursday….

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