Getting organised for Christmas – the big meal!

Hope everyone is well underway with Christmas preparations!

I have got a few little extras to buy, neighbours’ cards to write and a few more presents to wrap but that’s about it.  I am going to my in-laws for Christmas Day so just have to make a few puddings to take with me.

But, if you are making Christmas lunch and need some help with menu planning, shopping lists and timings, we have a few suggestions.

Shopping list, recipes and menu plan

This month’s (or rather, January 2012) BBC Good Food is still around and has a full Christmas meal plan, including shopping list, recipes and a cooking plan for Christmas day.  If you are short of planning time and would love some help, you can probably still get hold of a copy.  I bought mine only a few days ago. 

The BBC Good Food website  also has a turkey dinner recipe with all the trimmings and timings although you will have to make your own shopping list.

Good book for Christmas menu plan

I only cook Christmas lunch about once very 5 years as we are usually with one of our relatives.  But, when I do cook, I like to make all the trimmings as well.  I always use Delia Smith’s Christmas for the planning and quite a few of the recipes as well.  She brought out a new edition in 2009 called Delia’s Happy Christmas.  According to the Amazon reviews, some of the recipes are there from the old book but also quite a few new ones.  There are only two left in stock on Amazon! (as of 19th December 2011).  But might be worth checking your local bookshop or WH Smiths if you want to buy it.

Other menu plans

I also had a quick look in Google UK Land to see what I could find online to help out.

I found this Christmas day cooking plan on the Mirror site –

And a really simple one on the Bounty site (remember the Bounty bags when your children were born?) –

Hope this helps!  We will be producing our own meal planner and Christmas shopping list  so watch this space.

Happy Christmas cooking!

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