How to declutter: 10 ways to stop clutter at source!

If you are serious about decluttering,  you need to make sure that less stuff enters your home; most clutter started life as shopping after all.

So here are Love 2 Declutter’s 10 top tips for stopping clutter getting inside your home: 

1. Mail order catalogues

Take yourself off catalogue mailing lists (Royal mail mail) so that you are not tempted; when my first child was a baby, I was always ordering ‘must have, can’t live without’ items from baby catalogues; I had sold or given away all my baby stuff by the time number two came along six years later.  Older and wiser, I never replaced most of the hardly used catalogue items and got most  of the larger baby equipment (cot bed, highchair) secondhand as I knew it would not be used for long

2. Shopping site emails

 Unsubscribe from shopping site emails so that you are not tempted by special offers such as discounts etc;  you probably don’t need any more clothes!

3. Shopping apps

Remove shopping apps from your Smartphone – it’s too tempting..

4Don’t go to your local shopping centre – no, seriously…

Don’t go to your favourite shopping centre every week – when I couldn’t drive after my first caesarean, I was amazed at how much money I had saved by not being able to go to the High St.  And, you won’t have to declutter if you don’t buy the stuff in the first place.

 5. Walk away from must haves…

You know the feeling – you see the perfect dress, pair of shoes, vase, necklace, and you want it; you msy get a bit of an adrenaline rush at the thought of buying it and owning it; unfortunately that initial excitement doesn’t last and your purchase just becomes another item in your already full home; soooo walk away from that must have item!  If you have to, tell yourself that you will go back and buy it the following week.  Chances are that in 7 days time, the item will no longer seem so desirable or, if you’re like me, you’ll have forgotten all about it.

6. Magazine subs

Stop subs for magazines that you never get round to reading; I stopped getting a well-known food magazine as the issues piled up without being read.  Now that I buy it one issue at a time, I find I read it much more and can miss a month if I am short on time.  I am also much stricter about throwing out issues that I haven’t got round to reading after a few months – you won’t read it later (whenever that is!)

 7. Free gifts

Free gift offers are all over the place – the front of magazines, mail order & internet shopping if you spend over a certain amount etc.  Resist them, unless you really really need whatever is being offered; most free gifts end up as junk in your house

8.  Avoid car boot sales etc

Don’t go to car boot sales, table sales, collectors’ fairs, art and craft fairs unless you have a really good reason to; one of our neighbours has a garage full of car boot ‘bargains’.  You honestly don’t need all this stuff!!!

9. Tourist attraction gift shops

Don’t visit the gift shops when you go out for the day; you will just end up with more pens, pencils, erasers, notepads that none of you need and with yet more stuff to clean around and tidy up

10. As a last resort…

If you are desperate to shop, go online to your favourite shop, fill your online basket and then triumphantly exit without buying anything.  You get all the pleasure of shoping with none of the expense or clutter

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