Getting organised for…. Christmas (11 weeks to go…)

It’s that time of the year – just as the children go back to school, you have to start thinking about Christmas.   So Love2Declutter will be giving you a week by week task list to stop that last minute Christmas Eve panic.

There’s 11 weeks to go so there’s plenty of time if you start now.  So here goes:

Week 11 (we’re going to count backwards… to keep focussed)

  1. Start  secretly noting down present ideas for your children and anyone else you buy for at Christmas.   Listen out for any ‘I would like’.. when chatting to your children, get ideas as you tidy up bedrooms etc.  For example, I noticed that my teenage son is leaving his newly acquired ties (has to wear a suit in 6th form!) around his room.  So tie rack has gone on my secret present list. 
  2. Look out for stocking fillers as you shop.  If you buy one a week, it helps spread the cost.  I bought my first one on Thursday.  It does give you a nice warm feeling of being ahead (which probably won’t last!).  Label a plastic bag per child to keep them in as you go.  I do try and make fillers useable  so that don’t add to the general clutter in their rooms but the odd fun item does stray in – it is Christmas!

And, as always, keep decluttering; try doing a quick 5 or 10 minutes every other day to sort through toys, games, books and all the other stuff that gathers in children’s bedrooms.  Don’t forget to make a plan for getting it all out of the house as well!

And that’s it for this week.  Easy peasey.

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