Getting organised: back to school tomorrow

Most children are going back to school tomorrow – no more lie-ins or easy  days (boo hoo!).  So here are my 5 top tips to getting the first day back off to a flying start…. 

1)            Shoes

Polish school shoes now – so much better to do it today instead of in a tearing hurry in the morning.  Believe me – it can take quite a lot of scrubbing to get black shoe shine liquid off your hands when applied in haste!

2)            PE Kit

Check that everything is washed and dry (see 10 tips blog).  Pack the kit and put near the front door ready for the morning.

3)            Uniform

As above, check that everything is washed and dry.  When the children are going to bed,  hang up uniform all ready for the morning.  It is so much easier to check you have everything the night before and it stops all the ‘Mum, where’s my…?’ shouts in the morning.

4)            School bag

Pack the school bags – as far as you can.  I find that the contents of pencil cases tend to spread around the house so check those to make sure they have all the prescribed pens, pencils etc. Then put near the front door ready for the morning.

5)            Packed lunches and snacks

My daughter takes in a snack and drink to school every day and my son used to take a packed lunch and it can be quite a rush to get everything done in time.  Before you go to bed tonight, put out any food and drink containers so that you don’t have to scrabble around for them in the ‘aaagh, this is too early’ yukiness of the first day back..  Pack as much as you can the night before eg crisps (healthy ones of course, ho, ho) , in the appropriate containers.  And, if you are like me, also out a large note to yourself  to remind  you what needs to be done!

We would love to hear any other great going back to school tips.

Love S&J

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