Welcome to Love2Declutter

Love2Declutter is a blog devoted to decluttering and organising.  It is written by us, Sally and Jane.  We are sisters who decided a few years ago that we needed to bring some order to our busy, and, yes, occasionally, chaotic lives.  Along the way to organisation nirvana (we wish!), we have learnt, and are still learning,  a lot about decluttering, organising and ourselves.  We hope that our website will gradually have on it, ‘everything you wanted to know about decluttering and organising but were afraid to ask’!

Sally is a working outside the home Mum of a teenage son and much younger daughter, who loves having less and less things in her home and getting organised.  Over her ‘decluttering’ years, she has become an expert on where to recycle your stuff!

Jane is also a working outside the home Mum of one daughter who had a decluttering epiphany when forced to stay at home owing to back problems.  Suddenly, all those ‘no time to do anything’ excuses ran out! She is now a keen declutterer and organiser.